Discord AI Violates TOS!


Discord's AI breaks it's own TOS!

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Discord’s AI Privacy Scandal

You probably didn’t know, but Discord’s AI summaries break Discord’s own terms of service by leaking user data. But how did this happen, what are the repercussions, and what is Discord going to do about it? Let’s dive in.

What are AI Summaries?

In Discord’s experiment hub, there is an option for AI summaries that uses OpenAI to summarize Discord conversations.

Discord AI Violates TOS!

The Security Issue

The AI summaries feature has a major security flaw. It uses a GET request to Discord’s API which reveals message IDs and user IDs, and even if users delete their messages, the information remains in the AI summaries.

The Potential Damage

This security issue can potentially expose sensitive information, putting users at risk of harassment or other forms of abuse.

Legal Issues

Discord’s privacy policy allows users to edit and delete specific pieces of information within Discord services. However, the AI summaries feature is retaining user data even after deletion, violating Discord’s privacy policy.

Discord’s AI Failure

Discord has a history of failing AI features such as Clyde, the chatbot, and Automod AI. The AI summaries feature is another addition to this failure list and is likely to be canceled in the future.

Discord Bug Bounty

On a positive note, Discord offers a bug bounty for users who find issues like this. The user who discovered this AI summaries issue was rewarded with $750.

Discord AI Violates TOS!

Despite the scandal, Discord’s bug bounty program is a good initiative, showing that the company is committed to fixing issues as soon as they are identified.

If you encounter any bugs or issues on various platforms, it’s always good to report them to help improve the overall user experience.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about the Discord AI privacy scandal. Stay safe and keep enjoying your time on Discord!

Discord AI Violates TOS!