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    Guild X mistakenly surrender VCT Game Changers match against G2 Gozen

    VALORANT Champion Tour’s Game Changers tournament is raging on, gathering the best female teams from around the world in an official league.

    But yesterday, one team nearly cut short a crucial VCT EMEA playoff semifinal match by mistakenly surrendering their second game.

    Guild X’s cinnamon thought she had launched a time-out vote, but started a surrendering vote instead. Her teammates instantly voted “Yes” without noticing something was wrong until they saw the “Defeat” screen.

    As a result, the series paused for over 30 minutes, while VALORANT staff tried to find a solution to restart the game where it ended.

    “It’s one of the more unusual of timeouts that we’ve had here,” caster Mitch said when the broadcast resumed. He explained VALORANT servers weren’t intended for restarting games after a surrender since they simply disappeared, so it took the team some time to find a fix.

    A solution was eventually found, though, and both teams resumed the game where it left off. The match was one-sided in favor of G2 Gozen, however, and the team carried on their domination in the second game, winning the series 2-0.

    G2 Gozen advanced to the upper final, which will see them play Rix.GG Lightning tomorrow at 11am CT. The grand final of the event will kick off on Sunday, May 8 at 11am CT, where the EMEA Series Two champion will be crowned.

    As seen on Dot Esports

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