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    Dota 2 – New “Plus”: Success, Counters, Synergy and more!

    Photo by Alexander Saprykin

    Apart from adding a Blog section to the web site, we have been working on providing some extra features to our most devoted players. So, without further ado – New “Plus”!


    When you wanted to boast your skill with a particular hero, the only thing you could show was Win Rate. And it did not necessarily provide the whole picture – there might have been a lucky streak on a hero, you might have been carried by your teammates, or you might have absolutely crushed your opponents in each and every of these games and the Win Rate alone would not be able not show your true awesomeness.

    Because of that, we decided to expand the experience with a new metric: “Success”.

    It is a complex algorithm that incorporates a variety of different statistics, including both individual and global Win Rate for a hero, Risk (~# of games) and Game Impact (~KDA).

    Simply put, it is a more accurate representation of your personal skill with a hero, that will allow for better assessment of your improvement.

    Here is a quick comparison of yours truly and SingSing playing Mirana:



    As you can see, even though I have a slightly higher Win Rate, my Success on the hero is nowhere close to the one of SingSing. That is because my Game Impact and Risk are significantly lower.

    And I can’t even imagine the difference in Success if in his games SingSing was trying as hard as I did in mine…

    Hero Matchups – Counters

    Have you ever been so frustrated with an enemy hero that you thought it needs an immediate nerf? Most of us were. But since each of us has his own playstyle and habits in the game of Dota 2, these heroes are going to be unique for every single person. (Except for pre-patch Earth Spirit – this guy was completely broken at 3.7k+ MMR)

    We have decided to create a “Hero Counters” metric to show Players which heroes they are good at dealing with, and which heroes they still struggle to win against. This will allow you to improve as a player, providing some insights on how to be better at Dota in general and how to train efficiently if you are actively involved in e-sports.

    It comes with a “Success” rating of its own, providing both the Win Rate you have against a hero and a more meaningful Metric on top of it.

    Here is a quick overview of the feature as a comparison between me (4.1k) and my former teammate – ImLegend (5k+):



    As you can see, there is not only a significant difference in the heroes we play best against, but also a huge difference in how much better we are at dealing with them. Even though my Win Rate against particular heroes is comparable or even higher in some cases, the Success against them is still on average ~3% lower.

    The same can be said about the lower end of the distribution – the heroes we are bad at dealing with.

    Also, I hope you have noticed the Win Rate against Pudge of a proper 5k+ Player. Something I was pointing out all along.

    Hero Matchups – Synergy

    In addition to the Hero Counters metric, we have added a Hero Synergy one – the heroes you play best and worst in a team with.

    There are several ways to use this information. For most of us, uninvolved in competitive play, it could provide information on what hero your Skype-buddy should pick, if you have decided to lane together.

    For the most hardcore ones it can give an idea of what heroes currently popular in the meta they don’t play well enough in a team with, to stay up-to-date and remain competitive.

    Apparently Na’Vi Dendi really benefits from having the infamous Earth Spirit in his team… Well, at least he didn’t play Earth Spirit himself – that would be a bit too unfair.

    Player Matchups – Teammates

    It is the list of players you have played with more than three times and the corresponding Win Rates. It includes not only people from your Friend list, but also people you have met randomly. If you see someone you don’t know there with a high Win Rate, it will be easier to contact them and form a stronger Party.

    I just hope it is not going to ruin someone’s Friendship…

    Player Matchups – Enemies

    It is the feature for the best players in Dota 2. It will show every enemy you have encountered more than three times and would start making sense for the ones over 5k, where the selection of opponents is limited.

    Unfortunately, it does not give me a lot of results – even at a relatively high rating of 4.1k. But the better you get, the longer the list of nemeses will become. The same friend I have mentioned previously – ImLegend has already started compiling his. While SingSing’s list is full of other professionals.

    Ever wondered how many times you managed to best [A]dmiral Bulldog? Then this feature was designed for you!

    Closing Comments

    I would like to finish today’s Blog by saying that the reason we have “Plus” and “Non-Plus” membership is to be able to provide the features that are extremely expensive to maintain. They either significantly increase the server load, or require gathering additional information.

    That being said, we understand that some of you were previously unsatisfied with the additional services “Plus” users were given, so expanding this experience was on our to-do list. But that doesn’t mean we will stop developing the web-site as a whole.

    We hope you will enjoy what we are doing and it will help you improve your skill and understanding of the game!

    As always:

    Thank you for your support!

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