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    Dataminer Found Possible Muerta Ability Names in Dota 2 Files

    The names of the abilities of the hero Corpse Mother, who was supposedly a prototype for Muerta, were found in Dota 2 files. Dataminer Mukas shared the information in the DOTA_DM telegram channel.

    In the game files, which were added and then removed in January 2021, files with the names of Corpse Mother abilities were found:

    • Grave grapple;
    • lifelink;
    • soul swell;
    • true love.

    Corpse Mother was one of many hero prototypes added and then removed from the game files. Among them were Primal Beast, Puppet Master, as well as Valkyrie (presumably the prototype of Dawnbreaker) and Mouse (presumably the prototype of Hoodwink).

    The announcement of Muerta took place before the grand final of The International 2022. The new hero will be added to Dota 2 at the beginning of 2023.

    As seen on PlayGround

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