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    Britain prepares for confrontation with TikTok

    Candidates for the premiership of Britain spoke out sharply against China’s policy and plan to limit the activities of Chinese companies in the country. TikTok has received special attention as one of the world’s largest social networks.

    Liz Truss, in a pre-election debate with another candidate for the prime minister of the country, expressed her intention to fight TikTok. The potential leader of the country has no claims to the content, and the political regime of China is to blame for everything, where ByteDance, the owner of the social network, is located.

    We absolutely must take action against such companies. We must limit technology exports… to authoritarian regimes. And I am talking about this with the G7 countries, Truss said.

    Truss cited MI5 director Ken McCallum and FBI director Christopher Wray as saying China is the biggest long-term threat to the UK.

    TikTok is not the first time recognized as a national threat. In 2020, the US authorities forced the social network to sell them 20% of the infrastructure and form a joint venture TikTok Global. In America, it was called national security protection, and in China, robbery.

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