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    Back 4 Blood developers hint at a new campaign coming in a future update

    While Turtle Rock Studios isn’t ready to reveal when to expect the next expansion for the zombie co-op game Back 4 Blood, the developers are teasing it a bit on Twitter. They also more or less confirmed that this will be the fifth act, and that the Purifiers will fight an apocalyptic cult in it.

    Over the past couple of weeks, Turtle Rock has provided a small amount of information about Back 4 Blood’s next expansion – like the upcoming bear trap we can expect to see in Act 5. The latest tweet, however, also reveals what appears to be a cult stronghold, with bodies crucified and bonfires laid out outside to keep molesters or petitioners out of the door.

    We’d love to confirm a release date for Expansion 2, but we need a little more time. It’s an exciting update and we’re so excited that it’s become a cult hit around here – some of us are so perky that we act like we’re 5 years old.

    The intentionally capitalized “Going” and the “5” in the last sentence is a pretty clear signal of what to expect from the second expansion.

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