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    ZywOo carries Vitality to secure spot at PGL Antwerp CS:GO Major over MOUZ

    Team Vitality have beaten MOUZ 2-1 during Europe Regional Major Ranking (RMR) A to advance to the upcoming PGL Antwerp CS:GO Major.

    The victory was secured much on the back of ZywOo’s superstar performance, who produced impressive numbers, leading the scoreboard with a 78-54 K/D ratio, according to HLTV. The French AWPer was the best player for Vitality on all three maps.

    Nuke, the first map, was MOUZ’s pick. There, dexter and his teammates started on the heavily unfavored T side, yet only managed to win seven rounds in the first half. On the CT side, though, their defense was respectable, which led to MOUZ securing the map with a 16-13 scoreline.

    The same can almost be said for Dust2, Vitality’s map pick. MOUZ started strong with nine rounds in the first half, securing themselves a comfortable lead before switching sides. To their surprise, Vitality’s CT performance was one of the best in the tournament, leading to MOUZ only claiming two rounds before Vitality equalized the series.

    The series came down to Mirage. On the third map, Vitality were the team to begin on the CT side, where they triumphed in 10 rounds. MOUZ tried to mount a comeback, but ZywOo and dupreeh’s performances denied them. The Dane was Vitality’s second-best player in the series and pulled off a clutch to finish it. The map ended 16-13 in Vitality’s favor.

    Vitality are now the seventh team to qualify for PGL Antwerp CS:GO Major out of Europe’s RMR A. Today, one more participant will be decided, since the winner of Outsiders versus sAw will advance as well.

    As seen on Dot Esports

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