Zuckerberg Spills Apple Vision Pro Secrets


I Asked Mark Zuckerberg About Apple Vision Pro

Mark Zuckerberg Tries Apple Vision Pro

Mark Zuckerberg recently tried the Apple Vision Pro and the surprising details of that experience were captured in a world-first interview! The iconic tech entrepreneur sat down to give his thoughts, and his words may just have raised some eyebrows.

Surprising Praises

During the interview, Zuckerberg expressed genuine admiration for the Apple Vision Pro, highlighting the device’s superior resolution, quality, and comfort. Despite being known for his work with Meta and the Oculus VR brand, Zuckerberg’s compliments for the Apple offering were quite unexpected.

Uncertain Loyalties

When probed about which device he thinks is the ultimate winner in the headset war, Zuckerberg shocked the interviewer by claiming that the Apple Vision Pro is indeed the superior product. This revelation was quite remarkable, considering Zuckerberg’s usual loyalty to the Meta Quest.

Zuckerberg Spills Apple Vision Pro Secrets

A Candid Interview

As the conversation continued, Zuckerberg’s actual thoughts on the Quest and Vision Pro became somewhat clearer. He openly admitted that the Apple device was indeed much more expensive but the quality difference made it a worthy investment.

Unexpected Turns

What was meant to be a conversation about tech soon steered into an unconventional zone, as Zuckerberg was confronted with unconventional questions about his appearance. The interview turned humorous as the CEO was asked about weight and exercise, leaving viewers with more than just tech insights.


The interview with Mark Zuckerberg trying the Apple Vision Pro was certainly an unexpected experience. While tech enthusiasts may have been looking for hard-hitting technical comparisons, the unorthodox direction of the interview added an element of fun and intrigue to the conversation.

No matter what your opinions are about tech devices, this interview certainly brought a new perspective on the people behind the products!

Zuckerberg Spills Apple Vision Pro Secrets