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    Zuckerberg Calls Apple Meta’s Main Competitor in the Metaverse Market

    In a recent speech to his staff, Mark Zuckerberg called Apple the main competitor to Meta (recognized as an extremist organization) in the race to create a metaverse. A message about this appeared on the website of The Verge. Zuckerberg believes that the direction in which the Internet will develop depends on who wins this confrontation.

    According to the head of Meta, the competition between companies is not so much in technology, but in the distribution of services. So Zuckerberg sees his offspring as an analogue of Android from the world of the metaverse, which will be free and open to developers. While he sees the Apple metaverse as some kind of elite and closed product like iOS.

    It is a competition of philosophies and ideas in which they [Apple] believe that by doing everything themselves and tightly integrating, they create the best consumer experience, Zuckerberg said.

    Another reason why Zuckerberg sees Apple as a competitor is that earlier American IT giants created a metaverse open standards group, which, in addition to Meta, included Microsoft, Epic Games and not only, but not Tim Cook’s company.

    According to the head of Meta, Apple may present its version of the metaverse as early as this year.

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