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    YouTube rolls out ‘corrections’ feature, allowing creators to amend inaccurate information

    YouTube has implemented a “corrections” feature, allowing creators to add information cards to tack on clarifications or to amend false information after a video has been published.

    Prior to the corrections feature, if a YouTuber wanted to correct any misinformation or add any additional context, they would have to either delete and reupload the video or issue a statement on an alternative form. This runs the risk of losing viewership, impacts engagement metrics negatively, and also risks the message not being seen by a majority of one’s audience.

    Creators can access corrections through the video details page in YouTube Studio. There, you can alter everything from the video’s title to comment settings. Corrections can be issued through the description with an “Add Correction” button. Users will then need to add a timestamp for the correction and write an update.

    Viewers watching the chosen video after a correction has been updated will see a small tab pop up during the designated timestamp with information from the creator. The correction will not be visible throughout the entire video and will only appear for an allotted amount of time. Creators will be able to include several corrections within one video.

    This YouTube feature was built into the program after feedback from creators requested a more formal means of addressing a video’s content after it was published. The feature will not be available to users with strikes on their channel or otherwise flagged as inappropriate for some viewers. The full feature is intended to be released to all eligible creators by the end of June.

    Though it seems similar to previous YouTube features scrapped years ago, such as notifications, the corrections tool is undoubtedly an important tool for keeping information as up-to-date as possible.

    As seen on Dot Esports

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