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    YouTube for Windows gets an improved dark theme and new control buttons

    YouTube has begun distributing a server update for the web version of the service for Windows 10 and 11. We are talking about both the website and the web application for Chrome and Microsoft Edge. There are three main innovations.

    First, the dark theme is now consistent with the theme of the computer throughout the site. Previously, search results were displayed on a light background, even when the site itself was using dark mode.

    Secondly, the player now has buttons for fast rewinding the video by 10 seconds back and forth.

    Thirdly, users with a Premium subscription were able to watch 1080p videos with an increased bitrate. Initially, this option was offered only on iOS in some regions, but now it has been rolled out to all regions where there is a subscription, and platforms – including the web version on Windows 10 and 11.

    All of these features are rolled out gradually and may take several weeks to release to all users.

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