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    You won’t be able to watch 170 hours of videos in one playthrough of Baldur’s Gate 3

    Among the incredible numbers presented by Larian Studio for their Baldur’s Gate 3, 170 hours of cutscenes announced by the team stand out. However, the studio then clarified that they will not be shown all together in one playthrough, since all possible variations depend on the choice made and the characteristics of your game.

    When it comes to 170 hours of videos or “more than twice the length of each season of the entire Game of Thrones saga”, as Larian says, this is not the standard path of the game, that is, in one playthrough you will not see all these cutscenes.

    In fact, most of this count is about possible scene changes, moments in the game that can change depending on the choices made and the paths actually taken by the player. This means that different intersections will lead to different events in the story, which are reflected in different cut-scenes.

    As an example, Larian boss Sven Vincke referred to a particular game he showed to that featured a female druid Jaheira in the party, which triggered a number of special reactions from NPCs triggering scenes that wouldn’t happen. if that character was not part of the group.

    “If you don’t have Jaheira in your party, you won’t get all of her scenes,” he explained, citing this as an example of the importance of variation applied to a game’s story. “It’s like a script that was created especially for you based on a lot of dialogue leading up to this point.”

    Baldur’s Gate will be available from August 3rd on PC and September 6th on PS5, with Xbox Series X|S versions planned, but no exact release date yet, apparently due to some technical issues on the Series S.

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