Wormy Shenanigans in Among Us


I’m a WORM in Among Us

Worming through Among Us Adventures!

Unveiling a Wacky Mod in Among Us

Ever imagined being a worm riding a pig in Among Us? Well, this wild ride is real! In a quirky twist, players take the role of worms completing quests, leveling up, and unleashing unique abilities like tapeworm, diced worm, and even a bazooka!

Harvesting Experience and Unleashing Chaos

As the worm impostor, the goal is to fill the experience bar through tasks, including working out in the gym, going on dates, and even fishing as a worm bait. Watch out for drying out in the sun and rain to stay alive!

A Hilarious Mix of Abilities & Challenges

Interact with the environment by using abilities like tapeworm to blind players or jetpack for flying chaos. Take part in worm races, draw on a whiteboard, and face off in a round-up challenge for a fun and chaotic experience.

Wormy Shenanigans in Among Us

Revealing the Final Form

The climax awaits as players reach the final form of the worm, diced worm, with a full bar of experience. Unleash an array of abilities, including homing missiles, stun guns, and even nukes for a crazy finale!

Let’s show some love to this creative Among Us mod that adds a whole new level of fun and chaos to the game. Embrace the madness and enjoy the ride in the world of worms in Among Us! 🚀🐛🎮

Thanks for following this entertaining journey in Among Us!

Wormy Shenanigans in Among Us