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    World of Warcraft will no longer have gender selection, only body type

    World of Warcraft Dragonflight’s alpha has kicked off, and a tiny change to character creation has proven to be one of the expansion’s most notable updates – your character no longer has a gender at character creation.

    Previously, when creating a new character in WoW, you chose “male” or “female”. As for the alpha version of Dragonflight, now you just choose between “body 1” and “body 2”. As Wowhead points out, this has become similar to how games like Halo Infinite and Elden Ring handle gender selection in their character creators.

    The two body types are still very traditionally masculine and feminine – big muscles on one and obvious chest and hips on the other. However, in a game where your gender doesn’t matter much, it’s nice to see Blizzard stepping back a bit from the narrow definition of your character based on their body type.

    In addition, Wowhead notes that in some versions of Dragonflight alpha, although not the current one, there are lines referring to the option to choose a pronoun, hinting that you will eventually be able to choose whether your character will be called s/he. , she her. , or they/they. However, it’s worth noting that even in older WoW content, your character is usually referred to in an ambiguous, gender-neutral way, so the choice of pronoun may only have limited benefits in the game.

    As seen on PlayGround

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