Woke Translators Ruin Japanese Animes


Woke Translators Get Confronted For Ruining Japanese Animes

Dragon Maid Localizer Responds to Criticism Regarding Localization

In a recent interaction, a Dragon Maid localizer was confronted with criticism about the localization of the show. Asmongold Clips brought this interaction to light, sparking a conversation about the response and implications of such criticism.

Challenging Criticism with Confidence

The localizer’s response to the criticism was bold and confident. When questioned about the backlash, the localizer expressed a firm stance, unapologetically confronting the negativity.

“The criticism like I have a vagina, deal with it. Like, I am a funny woman. We are all talented, funny, powerful women, we are out here. It’s gonna happen, deal with it. I’m sorry you’re not getting laid. It’s not about you, move on. That’s my reaction,” the localizer stated.

Woke Translators Ruin Japanese Animes

Addressing Sensitive Topics

Amidst the criticism, the localizer also addressed the issue of offensive language and the impact of certain script changes. They made it clear that they take offense seriously and are prepared to make changes for the better. They also expressed a strong stance against using derogatory terms, indicating that those who do will be replaced by a robot.

Embracing Unapologetic Feminism

Throughout the response, the localizer embraced a sense of unapologetic feminism, standing up for themselves and their colleagues, while also addressing sensitive issues with an unwavering confidence.

While the initial criticism posed a challenge, the localizer’s response shed light on the importance of standing firm against negativity and promoting empowerment and inclusivity.

As the conversation continues, it’s essential to recognize the impact of localization decisions and the importance of addressing criticism with confidence. The response from the Dragon Maid localizer serves as a reminder of the resilience and strength in the face of adversity.

It’s important to approach criticism with confidence and use it as an opportunity for growth and positive change.

Woke Translators Ruin Japanese Animes

Woke Translators Ruin Japanese Animes