Wizarding World War: Asmongold’s Take


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Harry Potter TV Series Faces Boycott Over Involvement of JK Rowling

Recently, news has circulated that JK Rowling, known for her controversial views on gender and transgender issues, is set to be an active executive producer on the upcoming Harry Potter TV series. This revelation has sparked outrage and a call for a boycott from many fans and advocates. Asmongold, a popular commentator on gaming and entertainment, has also weighed in on the matter, expressing his frustration.

Outrage Over Involvement of JK Rowling

The announcement of JK Rowling’s involvement in the Harry Potter TV series has reignited public debate about her controversial views on transgender issues. Many people are expressing their disappointment and anger, citing Rowling’s past comments as the reason for their disapproval. The decision to include her in the production has led to the amplification of a boycott movement for the series.

Asmongold’s Commentary

Asmongold, who is known for providing commentary on various entertainment topics, shared his thoughts on the controversy. In a recent video, he expressed his frustration with the situation, highlighting the disappointment felt by many fans.

Wizarding World War: Asmongold’s Take

“Another boycott going on, known transphobe JK Rowling is now reported to be an active executive producer on the Harry Potter series,” Asmongold commented. “People are very unhappy about this.”

He also questioned the impact of Rowling’s involvement on the show, stating, “I think that Harry Potter was so massively successful for the same reason that Lord of the Rings was so massively successful – the people who were actors in those movies were [ __ ] insane.”

Engagement from Fans

The news of the boycott has sparked engagement and discussion among fans and advocates. Many people supportive of the transgender community have joined the movement to express their disapproval of Rowling’s involvement in the series. The push for a boycott continues to gain traction in online communities and social media platforms.


The controversy surrounding the upcoming Harry Potter TV series and JK Rowling’s involvement has sparked a heated debate among fans and advocates. The call for a boycott reflects the deep divisions caused by Rowling’s controversial views. As the situation unfolds, it remains to be seen how the production team will address the concerns of the community.

Despite the controversy, the passion and engagement from fans demonstrate the enduring impact of the Harry Potter series on popular culture.

Wizarding World War: Asmongold’s Take

Wizarding World War: Asmongold’s Take