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    WipeOut received a fan-made remaster on PC with unlimited frame rate, increased draw distance

    Remember WipeOut? A futuristic racing game from Psygnosis, released on the first Playstation console? Well, in case you didn’t know, the PC version came out with the PSX release and it was terrible. And, after almost thirty years, we can finally play properly on the popular platform thanks to an unofficial remaster.

    WipeOut Phantom Edition is an improved original port of the original PC game. This unofficial WipeOut remaster uses game data from the PlayStation version and contains many quality-of-life improvements.

    WipeOut Phantom Edition supports unlimited frame rate and high resolution rendering. It also supports distant geometry fading, allowing objects to fade into view smoothly with a minimum number of objects appearing. Not only that, PC gamers can look forward to increased viewing distance, ship lighting, and “precise PSX rasterization and blending.”

    What’s also great is that this unofficial WipeOut remaster comes with three collision response options. The first one is similar to BallisticNG, while the second one is similar to WipeOut 2. And, you guessed it, the third one is the default collision that was in the original version. Moreover, the game fully supports both keyboard and gamepad.

    Finally, WipeOut Phantom Edition has additional options menus, a new music and sound effects system, customizable aspect ratio and widescreen support, and a new configuration file system. And yes, you can also use your own music tracks.

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