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    Who did not have time, he was late: The Callisto Protocol became unavailable for purchase in the Epic Games Store

    As you know, on June 8, a pre-order for the expected The Callisto Protocol project started on Steam with an erroneous price, which was soon changed several times, that is, the developers removed regional prices, but probably few people know that a month later, on July 9, pre-order also opened in Epic games store.

    The interesting thing about this news is that 2 weeks pre-order was available for almost the same price as it was before the change on Steam. Standard Edition could be purchased for 1299₽ (on Steam it was 1085₽), and for Extended edition the price was in 1749₽ (on Steam it was 1389₽)

    At the time of writing the news, from July 23, the game can no longer be added to the basket or bought directly from the Epic Games Store in the Russian Federation, and those who purchased it at the wrong price have left. It is noteworthy in all this that the game page remained in the EGS, as well as its prices in rubles. The developers themselves, as well as representatives of Epic Games, did not announce the suspension of sales in the Russian Federation.

    As seen on PlayGround

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