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    WhatsApp releases its own app built with Mac Catalyst

    After releasing its own Universal Platform beta app for Windows last year, there’s some big news today: WhatsApp has made available a very early, very limited beta program for a small number of people to test the beta version of WhatsApp for macOS.

    Two months ago, news appeared on the Web about the development of a new WhatsApp application: WhatsApp for macOS. It is true that there is already another desktop application for WhatsApp on macOS, but it is built using the Electron framework. But the new WhatsApp for macOS is built on Catalyst, which increases its performance and the application uses less resources in terms of memory.

    The new WhatsApp app for macOS is very different from WhatsApp Desktop: it has a left sidebar that allows you to quickly switch between different sections such as calls, chats, and settings. There are also two shortcuts for archived chats and starred messages.

    Some features and design may not work properly since this is a very early beta, such as chat history sync, and some features are not currently available: status, group calls, location sharing, and voice messages.

    As seen on PlayGround

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