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    What does Sauron look like in Lord of the Rings? Viewers were expecting a long-haired villain, but got “Eminem”

    The appearance of the alleged Sauron in the trailer of the series “The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power” disappointed viewers. Fans of the works of John Tolkien expected to see a long-haired handsome man, but they got a gloomy guy with a short haircut, similar to rapper Eminem and blogger Andrei Petrov.

    Amazon unveiled the trailer for The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power at San Diego Comic Con. Particular attention of the audience was attracted by the character in which they recognized Sauron. The future villain appeared in the guise of a young guy with blond hair cut like a hedgehog.

    Fan illustration of Sauron
    Fan illustration of Sauron

    Many fans of the works of J. Tolkien were disappointed in the appearance of the alleged Sauron. According to the plot of the books in his youth, the villain was very handsome and had the ability to change his appearance. The audience expected to see Sauron in the series in the form of Annatar, a handsome man with long red or white hair – this is how he was portrayed in fan art.

    Sauron from the game Middle-earth: Shadows of Mordor
    Sauron from the game Middle-earth: Shadows of Mordor

    Some commentators objected to critics and pointed out that the cunning Sauron could also take on the image of a pretty guy with a short haircut, but the character does not fit with their ideas about a hero of inhuman beauty.

    Sauron was originally described as very handsome, inhuman beauty, very charismatic and charming. Then he lost his body and created a new one for himself, which is shown at the very beginning of The Brotherhood. It’s okay if he had a pretty face, but that’s kind of the way it is.

    The audience began to joke about the appearance of a possible Sauron. The hero of the video was ironically compared to rapper Eminem, who was remembered by millions of people around the world for his characteristic short haircut and blond hair.

    Also, blogger Andrey Petrov was seen in the character. To this conclusion, the audience was prompted by the external features of the actor – large tinted eyes, protruding cheekbones and plump lips.

    Frame from the trailer and Andrey Petrov
    Frame from the trailer and Andrey Petrov

    However, many viewers doubted that the character under discussion is really Sauron.

    Did the audience really see Sauron?

    There is no official information about who exactly got the role of the villain yet. In 2021, it became known that a young actress Bridey Sisson joined the cast of the series.

    Bridie Sisson
    Bridie Sisson

    Judging by the photo, she is very similar to the hero of the frames. In this case, either the fans of The Lord of the Ring made a mistake in identifying the character, or Sauron showed his abilities and reincarnated as a woman with a short haircut (according to the plot of the novel, Sauron could change his appearance until the fall of Numenor).

    There is also a popular version on the Web that the role of Sauron went to actor Anson Boone, who also looks like the hero from the trailer.

    It seems that only after the release of the series or the official response from the creators of The Lord of the Rings will fans be able to find out who they saw in the trailer – Sauron himself, his reincarnation or another character.

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