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    Weapons, locations and performance: a lot of STALKER 2 gameplay videos have appeared on the web

    Developers from the studio GSC Game World got into an extremely unpleasant situation. The release date of their ambitious shooter STALKER 2 is still unknown, but the network is already filled with gameplay videos of the game. Users share posts with reviews of locations, weapons, and demonstrations of shooting physics, all thanks to the hacked build of STALKER 2.

    The unfinished build of the shooter instantly became public domain. Almost anyone can run it, you just need to have a PC with a powerful level of hardware. As some performance tests show, the merged build of STALKER 2, even on the latest video cards, hardly reaches 60 FPS. In the demo, which is presented above, the author of the video received a maximum of 27 frames per second with drawdowns.

    The performance of STALKER 2 is not the only interesting detail from the leaked build. Of much more interest among the slicks is an overview of the various locations of the project, which already now looks the most suitable for the game. Below you can see a demo of some of the game’s areas, weapons and effects.

    Gameplay on RTX 4080:

    Demonstration of effects and locations in the hacked STALKER 2 build:

    Demonstration of unfinished weapons in the game:

    As it has become previously known, the authors of the leak of the unfinished version of STALKER 2 were the developers of the game themselves. By negligence or by design, they released more than 200 GB of game materials for free access, part of which turned out to be a fully working build of the game. No significant plot details have yet been found in this version, but you can already fully test some of the project’s mechanics right now.

    STALKER 2 is officially scheduled for release in 2023 for PC and Xbox Series X|S.

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