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    Weapon attachments in Modern Warfare 2 leave players bewildered

    Attachments for Modern Warfare 2 confuse players of the latest Call of Duty FPS game with vague descriptions and an overabundance of obscure terminology. Although the multiplayer game Infinity Ward has already gained huge popularity on Steam, Battlenet and consoles, players find that creating the best Modern Warfare 2 weapons is a tedious task as they try to understand what attachments actually do.

    While previous games Call of Duty Vanguard and Call of Duty Cold War offered full weapon statistics, MW2 has abandoned this system and simply offers a vague plus or minus to each stat when examining the effects of attachments. You can get a little better idea of ​​how big the difference is in each by looking at the changes in your strips – but overcomplicating the terminology makes even that difficult to analyze.

    “Why is there now recoil control, recoil smoothness, recoil stabilization, recoil stability, vertical recoil control and horizontal recoil control, – asks one of the users on MW2 Reddit, – Is it possible to confuse things even more? It’s definitely overkill, all for the sake of creating the illusion of complexity so they can add more attachments.” Others responded by pointing out that some of the terms are, in fact, synonymous. It would seem that they all fall into the general scale of “recoil control”, but that only confuses the numbers even more.

    Another player humorously notes that the Cronen Zero-P Optic scope, described as “advanced 4x optics”, oddly offers players “5.0x magnification” among its benefits. They simply ask: “So what is it?”.

    One commenter notes that in the 2019 Call of Duty Modern Warfare game, “recoil control” refers to vertical recoil, while “stabilization” refers to horizontal recoil. They say “I guess it’s the same thing now, but then why is vertical and horizontal control also mentioned? And what does stability do? Visual recoil if I have to guess, or maybe sway when shooting?” This, of course, is a lot to understand.

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