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    We don’t need your salvation – new colorful trailer for Final Fantasy 16 is out

    As part of the PlayStation Showcase event, a new trailer for Final Fantasy 16, which will be released this summer, was shown. The continuation of the legendary JRPG series promises to be dynamic and with, as always, an exciting story.

    Unlike all its predecessors, the 16th numbered part will not mix magic and technology in its setting, building a coherent fantasy world. Based on the trailer, we can assume that the story of the game will be quite tough and not without a veil of dark fantasy, which has become popular recently.

    Not much is known about the new part of Final Fantasy 16, but based on interviews with the developers, players should expect a full-fledged game with a complete story that does not require day one patches and other tricks. More than two years have passed since the game was shown to the press, and all this time was spent not only on further development, but also on polishing the product. Let’s hope one of Sony’s flagship series doesn’t let fans down.

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