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    ‘Watchmen’ Star Explains How Zack Snyder’s Movie Influenced The Avengers

    Watchmen star Patrick Wilson praised director Zack Snyder for being “ahead of the planet” with his “dark” approach to the superhero genre. According to Wilson, this helped pave the way for the MCU Avengers movies.

    During an interview with ReelBlend, Wilson admitted that 2009’s Watchmen is the only work in his filmography that he has spent time watching since its release.

    Watchmen is the only film I’ve ever watched from start to finish since it premiered. This film is simply amazing,” Wilson said. “I just wanted to look at it from the outside. I knew Zach was one step ahead. It is strange to say that the audience was not ready for this. But you want a movie that’s dark enough that the Avengers can be just as light against it. I believe in it.

    The first Avengers movie was released in 2012, three years after Watchmen premiered.

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