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    Was it all meant to be? The developers of FIFA 23 in the first gameplay showed the old bugs of the football series

    While the players studied the main innovations football simulator in FIFA 23, attentive Reddit users have found some pretty familiar bugs. As it turned out, in the debut gameplay video of the game, the animation of the players broke. Now the main question for the developers from EA, they left a bug in the trailer by accident or on purpose.

    In one of the FIFA 23 gameplay demo scenes, a football player appeared in a T-pose. This animation bug could be found in almost any part of the popular football series, only it manifested itself in different ways.

    As the players noted, even more than one football player is standing in the T-pose. Animations broke immediately for two players from opposite teams. In the video, it seems that only one has a T-pose, but in fact the two characters just merged at one point.

    Some FIFA fans thought it was a “nice” reference to the entire series. Others fear that the game will suffer the technical state of the release version of Cyberpunk 2077.

    As seen on PlayGround

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