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    Warhammer 40k: Darktide has been delayed to the end of fall

    Hotly anticipated cooperative shooter Warhammer 40,000: Darktide (opens in new tab) has been delayed. Fatshark’s latest was supposed to release on September 13, but it’s now scheduled for November 30, 2022. That will be the PC launch—the Xbox Series X|S launch will happen “shortly after PC, with a specific launch date to come.”

    The extra wait will have many fans looking about as happy as the heretical chaos trooper I’ve got up there at the top of this article.

    Fatshark CEO Martin Wahlund announced the delay in a note posted to Twitter. (opens in new tab) “Delaying a game is perhaps one of the most difficult decisions a developer faces and one we are not excited about making. Still, we hope this speaks to our commitment to taking the time necessary and and doing whatever it takes to get you the best possible game,” said Wahlund. 

    Wahlund specifically cited the studio needing more time to improve “stability, performance, and to mature key systems.” To that end, Fatshark will launch technical tests and betas in the coming months. It invited the community to sign up for those on its website. (opens in new tab)

    The delay will be a hard blow to our editor Wes Fenlon, who found that Darktide “absolutely rules” in his hands-on preview with it last month. “After Vermintide and Vermintide 2, Fatshark had the essentials of making a co-op action game down pat,” Wes said, “but stepping from Warhammer into the weirder universe of 40K, it feels like the developers knew they needed to make sure every inch of this game screamed space weird.” You can read that whole preview (opens in new tab) on the site.

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