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    Warframe servers down due to influx of players

    If TennoCon this weekend has whetted your appetite for returning to Warframe and you’re unable to connect to the servers, then you’re not alone. Players write that they are thrown out of the servers and they cannot enter the game, and this applies to all platforms.

    During the Tennocon 2022 event, the Warframe servers received unsurprisingly high traffic as users rushed to claim free rewards. The servers quickly went down, which the developers tweeted about.

    We are actively investigating the login issues that are currently occurring – Those of you who can’t be at the Duviri Amphitheater can rest assured that we will compensate in some way once everything is under control.

    A few hours later, Digital Extremes reported that “connectivity issues in the game appear to have been resolved! We are still monitoring any other issues closely.” However, as you can see, the problems are still not solved.

    As seen on PlayGround

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