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    War Thunder will host the “Summer Quest” event

    From August 9 to August 29, 2022, the action game War Thunder will include a unique event “Summer Quest”, players just need to complete simple tasks and receive rewards in the form of vehicles or decor.

    During the action, you need to complete missions on a certain type of vehicle, receiving insignia of a tanker, pilot or sailor. Already for the first sign they will give out a trophy with a reward. Among other prizes, there are decal coupons, keys for the “Summer Cocktail” themed chest, camouflage, player icons.

    The award vehicles will be Zrinyi I, F4D-1, IJN Haruna and Leopard 2AV. By opening the chests, you can pick up last year’s prizes. It is also worth noting the contents of the trophy with rewards: silver lions, amplifiers, backups, random camouflage and 1 day of premium account. Now “Pages of history” are available in the game.

    As seen on PlayGround

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