Voice Impersonator Goes Viral


The most famous voice in the world

The Voice Behind the Game

Richard Wells, a professional voice actor with 40 years of experience, boasts an impressive career filled with over 10,000 recordings and millions of spoken words. Despite his anonymity, he holds the distinction of being the voice behind the iconic “Peggy 18” voiceover heard in countless video games—a recording that has likely reached more ears than most other vocal performances in history.

An Unrecognized Legend

While Richard Wells’ face may not be recognizable, his voice has undoubtedly etched its place in the memories of millions of gamers worldwide. For over 15 years, the “Peggy 18” recording has been a ubiquitous presence in the gaming community, making Wells a celebrity in his own right, albeit an anonymous one.

Did You Know? The “Peggy 18” recording, paving the way for adult supervision warnings in video games, is considered one of the most widely heard recordings in history.

Voice Impersonator Goes Viral

The Power of Voice

Wells’ revelation sheds light on the pervasive nature of voice acting in the gaming industry. It underscores how a seemingly inconspicuous component of a game, like a voiceover, can make a lasting impact on the player experience. The voice of Richard Wells resonates with millions of gamers, demonstrating the enduring influence of quality voice work in video games.

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In addition to his claim to fame with “Peggy 18,” Wells also surprised popular streamer Asmongold with a cheeky cameo, further showcasing the impact of his recognizable voice in the gaming community.

Community Engagement and Acknowledgment

Throughout his career, Richard Wells’ voice acting has left an indelible mark on the gaming industry. His interaction with Asmongold exemplifies the engaging relationship between voice actors and the gaming community, where fans find delight in connecting with the voices they’ve come to know and love.

In today’s digital age, the visibility of voice actors like Richard Wells sheds light on the people behind the scenes who contribute to the immersive experience of gaming.

Voice Impersonator Goes Viral

We thank Richard Wells for his monumental impact on the gaming world and look forward to hearing more from this voice acting legend!

In conclusion, Richard Wells’ story serves as a reminder of the profound influence of voice acting in gaming, where even the most understated recordings can leave an enduring legacy.

Voice Impersonator Goes Viral