Voice Actor’s Twitter Meltdown Goes Viral


ENG Voice Actor Rage Tweets about Politics, Gets Called Out, Rages Even More

ENG Voice Actor Greg Baldwin Sparks Controversy with Political Tweets

Greg Baldwin, the Replacement Voice Actor for Uncle Iroh

Greg Baldwin, known as the replacement voice actor for Uncle Iroh in both “Avatar: The Last Airbender” and “The Legend of Korra,” has recently found himself in hot water due to his controversial political tweets. Taking over the role after the passing of Mako Iwamatsu, Baldwin voiced Uncle Iroh during the final 10 episodes of ATLA and continued to lend his voice to the character in its sequel series.

The Tweet That Started It All

One tweet that drew significant attention was Baldwin’s response to a post by Kyle Rittenhouse, where he referenced the iconic Uncle Iroh character, leading to a backlash from fans and critics alike. Despite gaining likes, the tweet was eventually deleted, with Baldwin citing a habit of periodically removing tweets he no longer wishes to engage with.

Greg Baldwin’s Political Commentary

Baldwin’s online presence is marked by frequent politically charged posts, often aligning with a left-leaning perspective. This behavior has not gone unnoticed by fans and followers, leading to criticism of his professional conduct as a voice actor representing such a beloved character as Uncle Iroh.

Voice Actor’s Twitter Meltdown Goes Viral

The Industry’s Leanings and Voice Actors’ Motivations

Many Western voice actors, like Baldwin, have been increasingly vocal about their political views on social media platforms. The entertainment industry, including voice acting, tends to lean left, potentially influencing individuals to express their beliefs publicly in hopes of gaining favor or securing more work.

Overall, Baldwin’s actions have ignited discussions about the role of voice actors in the public sphere, particularly when it comes to their online presence and the way they engage with fans. While his political commentary has attracted both supporters and detractors, it serves as a reminder of the complexities surrounding the intersection of personal beliefs and professional responsibilities in the entertainment industry.

Positive Note: Despite the controversies, the ongoing conversations sparked by Greg Baldwin’s tweets highlight the importance of accountability and professionalism in the voice acting community. Let’s continue to engage in respectful dialogue and appreciate the diverse perspectives within the industry. 🎭

Voice Actor’s Twitter Meltdown Goes Viral