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    VK study: every fifth Russian gamer found a soul mate in games, and about half – friends

    49% of Russian gamers found good friends through games, and 18% found a romantic partner, Kommersant reports, citing a joint study by the VK Play service and the ResearchMe analytical agency.

    More than a third of the respondents surveyed during the study said that the joint gaming process with friends and partners contributes to strengthening relationships and emotional rapprochement.

    Most often, players find soulmates in puzzles (21%), strategies (19%), shooters (14%) and MMORPGs (11%). In addition, the survey results show that 16% have intentionally sought out partners through video games, of which 11% are girls aged 18 to 24.

    35% of respondents said that they prefer to play together with their husband or wife. Almost as often, Russian players like to spend time playing video games with their children (31%), a little less often with sisters or brothers (23%).

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