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    Vietnamese miner sells mountains of video cards on the street

    PC gamers have been living with uncertainty for years when it comes to hardware availability. Silicon shortage, pandemic, manufacturing problems, environmental disasters and cryptocurrency mining have all devastated the market. For a while, anyone who wanted to upgrade their hardware, especially a graphics card, was in a quandary. Now the self-proclaimed “King of VGA,” Le Thanh, a Vietnamese, sells them on the street.

    As cryptocurrency mining fades and new cards hit the market, it’s no surprise that used cards are popping up as well. These worn cards are hardly worth the money, especially when you consider that some of them are washed before being sold. However, there is something special about seeing them being sold. hanging on the side of the road.

    Le Thanh (Lê Thành) posted photos on his Facebook page where he recalls street vendor selling fruits and vegetables, but instead of apples – mountains of video cards. They are stacked on top of each other, some in boxes, some without. Sitting next to Thanh is an old mint-green set of food scales.

    There is even a funny parody video, where Thanh starts by waving a net over his produce like a salesman chasing away flies. A scooter drives past to pick up a hefty order of cards, which, after some haggling, is unceremoniously packed into a red plastic grocery bag.

    It is not recommended to take video cards after mining. They almost certainly won’t be worth the money. Perhaps, if they are very cheap, they will be suitable for some games, or for DIY, or even for creating works of art out of them.

    On the Thanh Facebook page, you can find other photos of a simply unimaginable number of video cards. Everything around is so cluttered with graphics cards that in some places it almost looks like repeating textures in games.

    As seen on PlayGround

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