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    Valve has released an update to Steam Labs that changes the list of recommendations

    Valve has launched its latest experiment at Steam Labs, which is a complete overhaul of store recommendations. The sleek new format flows seamlessly into the rest of the interface and lets you view recommended Steam games in a way that Valve says is designed to work across a variety of screen sizes and device types.

    The new recommendation layout, which was originally launched back in 2014, will allow you to open it without leaving the page you’re on and provides more information about the games it recommends and why it recommends them. Overall, this is a simpler and lighter presentation, but you get more information about each game much faster and more clearly.

    Valve says it’s increasingly being found that the list of recommendations needs attention to make sure it can be used on more devices – in particular the recently released Steam Deck, which prompted a series of updates to the Steam UI.

    While you can try out the new list of recommendations now, Valve says it’s not finalized yet. The company still plans to add a way to display the new queue from the Steam homepage or any page in the store, an optimization for “all screen sizes from desktop to mobile and tabletand full support for the Steam Deck controller user interface.

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