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    VALORANT players discover using Jett’s Tailwind ability and ultimate right-click simultaneously can break her entire kit

    A VALORANT player encountered a strange glitch that prevents players from using any of Jett’s abilities if they dash immediately after using her ultimate’s right-click. 

    Jett’s Blade Storm ability is arguably one of the best ultimates in VALORANT. A talented player can kill an entire team with her knives or secure a couple of picks at the very least. Jett’s other abilities allow her to outmaneuver opponents with ease, although a new bug is punishing players for dashing after using her ultimate’s right-click. 

    Right-clicking while the Blade Storm ability is active fires all of Jett’s knives at once, dealing massive damage. VALORANT player JaxOFW uploaded a short clip warning players to think twice before using Jett’s Tailwind ability to dash away after using her ultimate’s right-click since this can cause a bug preventing players from using other abilities or weapons. 

    Other players have reported the same bug when using the last knife with a left-click and dashing away, meaning it might not be isolated to the right-click option. Sentinel’s ShahZaM experienced the glitch during a recent livestream when he used his last knife with a left-click before dashing away.  Others have reported the same bug when teleporting away after firing a shot with Chamber’s ultimate, or when they picked up an ult orb with Skye. 

    It’s unclear what causes this glitch, but the most common cause appears to be using an ability right after using an ultimate. Riot Games will likely need to address the issue soon since it can be devastating in a ranked game.

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