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    VALORANT players can use glitch to get into wall in B Main on Ascent

    VALORANT players have found a new way to glitch into a wall on Ascent using Omen and Sage’s abilities. 

    Glitching into walls is not a new phenomenon in VALORANT. Players have found dozens of ways to break the game on each map. Some bugs are harmless fun, while others can impact the game’s competitive integrity. A new glitch on Ascent allows players to get into walls, but it is unlikely to make a huge difference. 

    VALORANT YouTuber TPAXTOP found a new way to get into the wall of B Main on Ascent by using Omen’s teleport and Sage’s wall. Sage must use her wall against the wall, and Omen must immediately teleport for the bug to work. If done correctly, Omen will clip into the wall and see most of B main. 

    Omen can also drop down to see most of B main toward the attacker’s spawn, allowing players to gather information on enemy movement. Omen players can even deal damage from this spot, meaning unsuspecting enemies could encounter a foe in a broken area. 

    This bug seems intense, but it requires multiple abilities to work, which is a significant investment from teams. It doesn’t seem like players can get back out of the wall once they use the glitch, so it is a commitment that will likely leave a player stuck for the remainder of the round. 

    Defenders also must wait for the buy phase barrier drops to complete the glitch, which gives attackers enough time to push into B Main while they’re still trying to complete the bug. This glitch could have some use later in the round, but don’t expect to use it consistently. 

    As seen on Dot Esports

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