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    VALORANT player finds new way to get out of the map on Bind

    A VALORANT player has discovered a way to get out of the map on Bind, but the strategic advantage of this bug is limited. 

    Getting out of any VALORANT map is challenging and usually requires using abilities in specific spots. Sometimes, players can reach new areas, get beneath the map, or explore other out-of-bounds areas. These bugs have rarely provided benefits in a normal game and the latest bug falls into the same category. 

    VALORANT YouTuber TPAXTOP uploaded a new video showing how to get out of the map Bind by using Sage’s wall. A Jett player must stand in a specific spot and walk toward a crate as the Sage player uses their wall to push them out of the map. Players must use Jett’s abilities to reach a spot beneath Hooka, which allows them to see enemies through walls. 

    Players can also reach the bottom of the elevator shaft beneath the B site and can see into Tube directly above them. It doesn’t seem like players can shoot enemies from this position and there is no way to return to the playable area within the same round. 

    This glitch requires almost all of Jett’s abilities and Sage’s wall to work, which is a significant investment for little return. Teams could theoretically use the glitch at the start of the round, take the B site, plant in Tube, and have the Jett player call out enemies attempting to defuse the spike. But this means one player will be beneath the map, unable to help their team, and also requires the team to take B site. 

    While this glitch is a fun secret to show your friends in a private lobby, don’t expect it to provide any value in an actual game. 

    As seen on Dot Esports

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