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    VALORANT player finds elevated Jett spot on Breeze

    A VALORANT player has found a new spot on Breeze where Jett can watch over the middle of the map.

    Jett’s abilities make her one of the best agents for players who want to maneuver quickly or reach normally inaccessible areas. Some spots are common knowledge, while others are surprising and slightly harder to reach. A new spot on Breeze is perfect for Jett players looking to surprise their opponents. 

    VALORANT player static-0x35 uploaded a short video showing a new spot on Breeze where Jett can reach an elevated position by using her Updraft abilities. First, you need to jump on the stone barrier near B Main before gliding to the boxes near Mid Pillar. From here, use both Updrafts to reach a spot on the corner of the building near the exit chute, which can be used to view the entire mid lane. 

    This position is perfect for watching the middle of the map and most players won’t think to check it. But it requires both of Jett’s Updraft abilities and leaves you exposed from multiple positions as you make your way to the top of the building. You won’t be able to use this spot in the middle of the round, but it can be helpful if you need to save or if the entire enemy team is focused on a site. 

    Consider using this spot in a pinch, but make sure using both your Updraft abilities is the best call before committing to this position. 

    As seen on Dot Esports

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