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    VALORANT Night Market will return on May 18

    VALORANT players looking for deals on skins can rejoice in knowing the Night Market is coming back on May 18. 

    Weapon skins in VALORANT are a great way to customize your loadout to match your aesthetic or style. Each skin bundle introduces a new and exciting design, allowing players to add more pleasing cosmetic items to their collection. Players that love a specific art style can purchase the entire bundle, although this is a significant investment. 

    VALORANT skins aren’t cheap, meaning you’ll have to shell out a decent amount of cash if you want skins for every weapon. Thankfully, the Night Market periodically appears in-game, offering skins for a reduced price. 

    The Night Market offers multiple random skins for a discount, giving players a chance to buy a few items without breaking the bank. Sometimes the Night Market has exactly what you’re looking for, or it has junk. Regardless, the Night Market is the perfect way to grab a few cheap skins to spice up your gameplay. Rare items like melee skins also appear in the market, so always double-check when it appears in the client. 

    Riot Games confirmed the VALORANT Night Market is coming back on May 18, giving players plenty of time to prepare. While there isn’t a way to check which skins will be available in your market, make sure to have a few credits set aside for the upcoming fire sale. 

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