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    VALORANT Episode 5, Act One battle pass adds 2 new skin lines, gun buddies, and more

    VALORANT Episode Five, Act One, Dimension, is introducing a new battle pass with dozens of fresh cosmetic items, including new skin lines, gun buddies, and player cards. 

    The Episode Five, Act One battle pass includes several free items for players who don’t want to grab the premium version. Fans can unlock the Shimmer Classic skin, the Operation: Vacation player card, That’s a Blowout spray, and the Perfect Pattern gun buddy without spending any money. But multiple cosmetic items are only available in the premium battle pass, including the Task Force 809 Knife and Phantom, the Spitfire Operator, and multiple gun buddies and player cards. 

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    The upcoming update also includes other exciting additions to VALORANT. Fans can enjoy the new underwater map Pearl, which is a straightforward location without any gimmicks like teleporters or ropes. Split is also leaving the competitive map pool for now, but it will likely appear in the future with an updated design. 

    Competitive VALORANT fans can also enjoy a new rank between Diamond and Immortal: Ascendant. This new rank will help players escape the lower levels if they don’t deserve to be there while also maintaining the prestige of higher ranks. You can expect to move up in rank if you’re below Ascendant at the start of the next act, while players above the new rank will have to work a bit harder to reach their old rank.

    The new battle pass costs 1,000 VP and will be available when Episode Five, Act One is released on June 22.

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