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    Urban Venture is now Taxi Life and will be published by Nacon

    Recently it became known that the French publisher Nacon decided to expand its cooperation with the Polish studio from Krakow Simteract, acting as the publisher of the new game Taxi Life, formerly known as Urban Venture.

    Poland’s Simteract and France’s Nacon first collaborated on the occasion of Train Life A Railway Simulator, a game that continues to thrive in early access to this day. As it turned out, both sides were so pleased with each other’s actions that they decided to expand the existing cooperation.

    We are very excited about the opportunity to work with NACON again. The collaboration on our last game was great and we were able to reach a very wide group of players. The conditions provided by the publisher mean that we can now fully focus on delivering a quality product for players,” says Marcin Jaskiewicz, president of Simteract.

    In Taxi Life, the player manages a personal transportation company located in Barcelona, ​​which is used as an open world playing field. The player progresses through the iconic areas of the city and can admire more than 200 of its buildings, monuments, museums, parks and sculptures, which are faithfully reproduced. The game uses the studio’s proprietary technologies, in particular “Traffic AI” and “City Generator”.

    Taxi Life will be available on consoles and PC.

    As seen on PlayGround

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