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    Update “Tolheim” coming soon to Lost Ark

    Seekers! The next major update awaits you on July 20th. Soon you will learn all the details about the new products, and now we offer you to get acquainted with the main innovations.

    Note: The plan is subject to change. In addition, it contains only the most important changes, and not a complete list.

    New battlefield

    The strongest and bravest representatives of the Freigel and Libertan factions will be waiting for battle on the new battlefield in Tolheim. A group of explorers on an expedition to the south side of the Ribornian Mountains have discovered a rich deposit of Silmael crystals, and now each faction will have to compete seriously for the mine of Tolheim.

    The battles will be held in a 48 vs 48 format, to participate in the battle you will need a faction level 5 and equipment rating of at least 1490.

    Summer event

    Summer is in full swing, which means it’s time for beach fun at the best resort in Acrasia! From July 20 to August 24, the first part of the summer event, the Maharaka Festival, will take place. You can go to a real tropical oasis, where you will be waiting for the battles in the water arena and the naruni race.

    Details of these and other innovations you will learn from the following publications.

    See you at LOST ARK!

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