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    Update KB5028185 for Windows 11 slows down the PC, causes communication failures and causes problems when signing in

    Update KB5028185 from the July Patch Tuesday for Windows 11 version 22H2 slows down the PC, causes network communication modules to malfunction, and causes login problems.

    “After installing this update, the time to restart and start my PC has increased significantly, the welcome screen hangs for 17 seconds, while before the login took no more than 4.5 seconds. The PC shutdown time also became longer, but I did not notice, ”one user explained.

    Users also complained that after installing KB5028185, almost all games and applications began to slow down and there was a problem with logging into the system. Some users were unable to sign in because Windows 11 stopped showing the login panel and there is no option to enter a password. In this case, rebooting in safe mode or starting recovery mode with an update rollback helps.

    “I can’t believe how much PC performance has dropped. I uninstalled the update and everything went back to normal. I don’t understand why Microsoft is constantly forcing users to install broken Windows 10/11 updates. I have never had this problem with Windows 7/8,” another user said.

    Other users have reported that their firewall has stopped working, the Windows security icon on the taskbar is not responding, Internet access has disappeared through wireless adapters and wired connections. They found that in addition to removing KB5028185, to restore network adapters (connection error – connected, but no internet available), a similar action with update KB5028851 may be needed.

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