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    Update 2.51 for Don’t Starve Together has been released, fixing bugs

    Klei Entertainment has released update 2.51 for Don’t Starve Together, which fixes some bugs related to various gameplay scenarios. Check out the official patch notes below.

    • The Emergency Exit skin is merged with the Scrap Metal Boat skin.
    • Players who have the Emergency Exit Skin will have it removed from their inventory and replaced with 1350 Coils.
    • Cursed trinkets are protected from spawning
    • Fixed an issue where double fence gates would sometimes not open correctly on capsized boats.
    • Adjusted map scaling: Sensitivity settings have been reduced to 30 maximum; Default sensitivity lowered to 15; Scaling is now independent of framerate.
    • Players who die with curses now lose them and are no longer cursed.
    • Setting fire to items will now play an animation.
    • Fixed placement of boat bumpers when standing at the edge of a boat.
    • Fixed an issue that caused items to remain in the inventory of a player who died in Desert Mode.
    • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused knotty trees to look incorrect.
    • Fixed an issue where loot in a Pirate Stash would rot and cause a crash.
    • Fixed a crash with beefalo chimes and players being disconnected.
    • Fixed Wortox’s The Swashbuckler skin having different cheek colors.
    • Fixed an issue that caused the Willow Triumph Skin to carry an ax when holding other objects.
    • Fixed issues with saving/loading and opening/closing doors with wooden gates placed on boats.
    • Fixed an issue that caused Cannonball’s shadows to momentarily appear at (0,0,0) when fired.

    Don’t Starve Together is available on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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