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    Update 1.45 for American Truck Simulator is out

    We are pleased to inform you that update 1.45 has been released for American Truck Simulator. There are quite a few changes in this update, so we recommend reading them all!

    New Town of Cody + US-14 for Wyoming DLC

    Due to numerous requests from players, the city of Cody and the US-14 highway for the Wyoming DLC ​​appeared in 1.45

    Self-described as the “Rodeo Capital of the World”, Cody offers drivers the chance to see famous landmarks such as the Buffalo Bills Visitor Center and Rodeo Stadium and there’s more! Drivers will also be able to discover deliveries to new industries in Cody – trailer service and a waste transfer station, which are just a small part of what you can expect to find in the upcoming Montana expansion.

    Cody is also known as the gateway to Yellowstone National Park, as it is located 52 miles from the eastern entrance to the country’s first national park, which brings us to US-14. At the eastern entrance to Yellowstone National Park begins US-14, one of the first US highways in 1926!

    Drivers will have plenty to see while driving along US-14, including the Buffalo Bill Reservoir and Dam, Pahashka Tepee, and of course, the stunning scenery and natural beauty that Yellowstone offers to its millions of visitors each year.

    Owned tank trailers

    We’re also excited to share with you another long-awaited addition to our purchasable trailer selection – tank trailers that you can buy!

    At the moment, we will add two different types of tank trailers to our games – fuel tanks and silos (dry cargo trailer). Both types will have different setup and usage. And don’t worry, we plan to bring you more versions of this trailer in the future!

    Fuel tanks in American Truck Simulator will be used to transport flammable liquids. They will have 6 connection types and 2 different customizable body types.

    Silos will also be an addition in ATS 1.45 and you can use them to deliver a range of bulk materials such as sand, concrete or grain. Besides 5 connection types and single body type, it will also have many customizable options.

    Rebranding of petrol stations and truck stops

    We have reviewed 6 brands that we have used for truck stops and gas stations in the game that have been present since the game was released in 2016.

    As many of you may have noticed from our concept art from the Texas and Montana DLC microsites, these new designs bring a fresh, modern and more realistic look to gas stations and truck stops, don’t they?

    Optional mod support for Convoy

    One of the features our teams have been working on for Convoy multiplayer is support for missing mods. We understand that many players play with third party mods created by our talented community, but we also understand that not everyone would like to download all the required mods to join a Friend Column session.

    So our team came up with a solution that allows you to join Convoy sessions without having to make all the necessary changes to the host session. There will be subscription options, both server side and client side, to enable this. In most cases, the session will not show the missing mod, however in some cases, for example if the player is using a vehicle that you don’t have, it will show up as a colored placeholder box that replicates its size.

    Rain sensor

    When you travel on the road for a while, you are bound to get caught in the rain. Whether it’s a brief downpour or a severe storm, it’s important for drivers to stay safe while driving on the road in changing weather conditions.

    One of the most common safety features in today’s vehicles are rain sensors! This nifty technology does exactly what it says on the box: it detects rain density and in turn adjusts the speed of the wipers for you. This feature is active when you set your vehicle’s wipers to the first position.

    This new feature will be available as an option that you can enable on the settings page.

    Ability to hide road signs-barriers

    Another new UI option we’re introducing in this update is the ability to show or hide X markers that mark inaccessible/impassable roads for the player. This new option may make the game more exciting, however we urge players to be careful and follow the correct route, as the invisible barriers that prevent you from passing through these areas will still exist!

    We hope you enjoy this little addition, which we know many of you have been asking for in our community for a long time!

    List of changes


    • New Town of Cody + US-14 for Wyoming DLC
    • Rebranding of petrol stations and truck stops


    • Optional mod support for Convoy
    • Rain sensor option
    • Ability to hide road signs-barriers


    • Owned tank trailers

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