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    Update 1.3.7b for Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous has been released

    Developer Owlcat Games has released update 1.3.7b for the role-playing game Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, which fixes a number of other items and mechanical bugs. We also fixed one of the conditions (spoiler!) of the secret ending and several graphic bugs. Details are written below, but beware, the list of fixes may contain spoilers!


    • Fixed one of the secret ending conditions not working: if you saw Ariloo rescue the Seam in the mines of Kolifira, it did not open the correct dialogue line.


    • The gates in the Black Water location did not always open correctly according to the script – fixed;
    • Forn Autumnmist could be in Drezen even after his death – fixed;
    • Using one of the portals in Alushinirra’s Middle City could cause the character to get stuck – fixed.


    • Wenduag could participate in Chapter 3 Crusade Councils from behind the edge of the screen – fixed.

    Classes and Mechanics

    • Favorite Animal – The Mouse now properly grants the Dodge ability to the loyal beast.
    • The statuses “Ringing Desna’s Bell”, “Desna’s Lullaby Harp”, “Tree Friend” no longer apply to all companions;
    • Mythic Trait “Additional Mythic Ability” did not allow you to select “Rumbling Blows” – fixed;
    • Fixed incorrect application of the status “Cookies for a song” when resting on the island of Azata;
    • Fixed incorrect duration of all buffs for resting on the island of Azata;
    • The ghouls became completely inanimate;
    • Spells “Sequins” and “Starlight” now suppress the Greater invisibility;
    • Inspired Rage did not transfer the Smell ability to allies – fixed;
    • Inspired Rage was disabled with a delay if an ally decided to disable it – fixed;
    • Now Regill will continue to receive automatic levels after the 18th, stoically enduring the blows of fate;
    • Now the skeleton warrior will be able to choose a group for mastery of weapons;
    • Invocation of the Order of the Star Rider now works as expected and allows you to select his bonus;
    • The skald can now choose mage, priest, or druid mysteries when choosing the Loremaster prestige class;
    • Thassilon Specialists got the Interrupt Spell focus to stop area effects, and it works in older saves and for all schools;
    • The difficulty of most mythic abilities is now calculated as: 10 + half character levels + mythic level + maximum stat modifier;
    • Echolocation spell did not allow you to ignore Mirror Reflection – fixed;
    • The ability “Power over negative energy” now works correctly with the kinetic blade;
    • Torture Beam now deals the correct amount of damage to a stat.
    • Touch of Glory now works as intended
    • Fox Pounce now allows you to actually pounce;
    • Added a description for the Mythical Lich’s Sold Youth condition.


    • The recipe for the new dish added for the Inevitable Consequences expansion was not available anywhere. Now it will be in the box with all the other recipes, which is located at the entrance to the Frontier;
    • “Scented Robe of Mystic Annihilation” is now equipped in a shirt slot;
    • Circlet of the Battle Mage now grants Intelligence instead of Wisdom.
    • “Mercy from the Shadows” summoned a spider if the hero became invisible – fixed;
    • Embrace of the Faceless now works as it should, including with selective metamagic;
    • Heavy Pickaxe Finger of the Heiress now works as intended;
    • The Resourceful Magus’ Gloves now work with the Arcane Heir magus archetype;
    • Cheerful Traveler’s Shirt now only triggers in combat.
    • Eliminated duplicates of the Magician’s Ring;
    • Ring of Sacred Touch now works correctly with touch healing spells.
    • Rob order now works as described;
    • The Singing Steel Chestpiece is now considered Light Armor and speeds up Bard and Skald’s performances.
    • The Ultimate Cape now works correctly for Angel’s Mythic Path.
    • Exquisite Mail Bard now grants +2 Agility
    • The “Lizard Tail” belt now correctly gives an increase to the protection of the companions and the faithful beast;
    • Whistler Killer Dart now works as described.


    • The inventory did not always display the location where the item was found – fixed;
    • Loyal beasts sometimes ran at different angles – fixed;
    • Corrected the position of the Flawless Vision points on the elves.

    Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous is available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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