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    Update 1.05 is now available for F1 22

    As the real Formula 1 circus prepares for the Austrian Grand Prix, where Verstappen starts from pole position ahead of Leclerc today (July 10), Codemasters has released a major new update for F1 22 that addresses a number of issues.

    Patch 1.05 for F1 22 is now available for download on PlayStation 4, PS5 and PC, and will be available on Xbox home platforms over the next week. The update does not add new content, but improves the gameplay and fixes a number of issues that could affect the smooth operation of virtual racing.

    For example, the wear rate of the internal combustion engine has been reduced so that it does less harm when revving hard or shifting aggressively, and the incorrect collision in Turn 1 in Jeddah has finally been fixed, and now the characters on the podium are displayed correctly. In the online realm, we’re noticing a fix for a stuttering issue that occurred when entering a multiplayer lobby, as well as an issue where starting grid settings couldn’t be changed in multiplayer lobbies. The VR F1 22 mode for PC has also caught the attention of developers, as it has improved performance with a full-screen Companion screen that corrects unintentional head movement during braking or acceleration.

    you already saw technical analysis of Digital Fouondry versions of F1 22 for PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC?

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