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    Until August 3, For Honor is free to play

    Ubisoft has announced another free week for its For Honor action game – until August 3, the project is available to everyone.

    All the progress gained during the free access will be saved if you suddenly decide to purchase a client for money after the end of the promotion. By the way, during a certain period it will be possible to do this with a discount of 85%, so you can get the full game almost for free.

    In addition, with the recent update, For Honor introduced a new class of fighter, the Medjai. He is a stern warrior from Ancient Egypt, who arrived at the arena to defend the honor of his people. In duel, the Medjai uses a unique two-handed weapon with twin blades at the ends. If desired, it can change form into dual blades, which will be a surprise for your opponent. Of course, the fighter has his own unique executions and several skins, obtained for various achievements or purchased in the store for donations.

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