Unleash Your Inner Warrior: FF7 Combat Tips


FF7 Rebirth - 16 Essential Combat Tips

Mastering Combat in FF7 Rebirth: 16 Essential Tips

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth brings a unique blend of real-time action and turn-based strategy to the table, making combat a complex and engaging experience. To help players navigate and excel in this intricate system, here are 16 essential combat tips to enhance your gameplay.

Don’t Mindlessly Mash

Building ATB is crucial, so avoid mindlessly spamming basic attacks unless specifically designed for it.

Swap Characters Frequently

AI-controlled characters build ATB slowly, so swap between characters to optimize your party’s performance.

Unleash Your Inner Warrior: FF7 Combat Tips

Know Your Role

Understand each character’s strengths and roles, such as burst damage, spellcasting, or range DPS.

Consider Spell Charge Times

Avoid interruptions during spell casting by timing your spells carefully to optimize MP and ATB usage.

Use Assess on New Enemies

Assess enemies to reveal weaknesses and stagger opportunities, providing a tactical advantage in combat.

Remember to Block

Master blocking to negate damage, build ATB, and pressure enemies strategically.

Unlock Your Weapon Abilities

Prioritize unlocking weapon abilities to maximize your combat effectiveness and proficiency with each weapon.

Unleash Your Inner Warrior: FF7 Combat Tips

Set Shortcuts

Streamline combat by setting shortcuts for frequently used spells and abilities, enhancing your efficiency in battle.

Use Dodges as Well!

Utilize dodges strategically to evade attacks, initiate counterattacks, and pressure enemies effectively.

Know Your Unique Attacks

Explore each character’s unique attacks post-dodge to tailor your combat strategy to their distinctive abilities.

Learn Each Character’s Nuances

Master each character’s triangle ability to unleash their full potential and adapt to various combat situations.

How to Use Synergy Skills

Integrate Synergy skills into your combat repertoire to build ATB, gain tactical advantages, and synchronize attacks with your party members.

Unleash Your Inner Warrior: FF7 Combat Tips

Don’t Neglect Synergy Abilities

Experiment with Synergy abilities to discover powerful combinations between characters, enhancing your combat capabilities and effectiveness.

Be Comfortable Playing Each Character

Familiarize yourself with every character’s skill set to adapt seamlessly when swapping party members and optimize your team’s performance.

Change Up Your Gear If You Hit a Wall

Adjust your gear loadout strategically when facing challenging bosses to exploit weaknesses, utilize synergies, and overcome obstacles effectively.

By mastering these essential combat tips, you’ll be well-equipped to conquer the challenges of FF7 Rebirth and emerge victorious in the exciting world of Final Fantasy. Happy gaming!

Unleash Your Inner Warrior: FF7 Combat Tips