Unforgettable AA Games

10 AA Games That Aren't Like ANY OTHER GAME

Unusual AA Games That Are Making a Comeback

The rise of AA games is becoming more prevalent in the gaming industry, providing unique experiences for gamers. Here are 10 unusual AA games that showcase creativity, innovation, and a departure from the standard gaming formulas.

Remnant: From the Ashes 1 and 2

The “Remnant” series offers a fresh take on the Souls-like genre with randomly generated environments and elaborate secrets. Players experience differently every time they enter an area, adding to the overall uniqueness.

Call of Juarez Gunslinger

Presented as a tall tale, “Call of Juarez: Gunslinger” delivers a first-person shooter experience filled with over-the-top set pieces and innovative storytelling devices, making it stand out among other FPS games.

Unforgettable AA Games


A blend of an arcade space shooter and an open-world RPG, “Chorus” offers an ambitious and visually impressive space adventure with unpredictable gameplay and a compelling narrative.

Solar Ash

From the creators of Hyper Light Drifter, “Solar Ash” takes players on a roller-skating platforming adventure, providing a satisfying and intuitive gaming experience in a massive 3D world.

Aliens: Dark Descent

Breaking the mold of typical FPS and third-person games, “Aliens: Dark Descent” introduces a tactical squad-based strategy game set in predefined, massive environments with a race-against-time dynamic.


With a post-apocalyptic open world and highly unusual combat and storyline, “Biomutant” stands out for its relentless strangeness, even though its ambitiousness doesn’t necessarily translate to an incredible gaming experience.


From the developers of “Life is Strange,” “Jusant” is a climbing game that requires players to manually control every move, creating a unique and elegant climbing experience unlike any other.

Unforgettable AA Games


“Sifu” introduces a unique aging mechanic combined with martial arts combat, where players age and become stronger after each death, altering the gameplay in a truly innovative and unexpected way.

Lost in Random

A bizarre adventure action card game hybrid, “Lost in Random” takes the concept of dice rolls and incorporates it into every aspect of its gameplay, creating an odd and mind-boggling yet longer and story-heavy experience.

Divinity: Dragon Commander

With the quirkiness of a RTS, war game, and choose-your-own-adventure hybrid, “Divinity: Dragon Commander” showcases an eccentric and unique combination of gameplay elements that come together in a way that defies expectations.

In conclusion, the resurgence of AA games in the gaming industry presents an exciting opportunity for developers to experiment and innovate, providing gamers with unusual and memorable gaming experiences. These 10 games are just a few examples of the untapped potential within the AA game space.

By providing modern, unique experiences, these games are a testament to the creativity and diversity present within the gaming industry. As the AA game category makes a comeback, gamers can look forward to more idiosyncratic and engaging experiences in the future. Embrace the weirdness and quirkiness of AA games, and you might just discover something truly special. Happy gaming! 🎮

Unforgettable AA Games

Unforgettable AA Games