Unexpected Chaos at Hololive


Baby Fubuki & Polka Were NOT Ready For This...

Baby Fubuki & Polka Were NOT Ready For This…


The interaction between virtual YouTubers (VTubers) Shirakami Fubuki and Omaru Polka, along with their guest, Harusaki Nodoka, was filled with unexpected and lighthearted moments.

Unexpected Conversations

During their live stream, the trio engaged in a playful conversation about searching for an “ideal older brother.” With Polka sharing her ideal brother image, the discussion took a surprising turn when Nodoka mentioned getting a driver’s license to increase social credibility. The amusing exchange explored concepts of trust, financial goals, and hypothetical gift-giving scenarios.

Interactive Engagement

The VTubers interacted with their audience, responding to comments and suggestions while maintaining an upbeat and cheerful atmosphere. The conversation continued to include playful banter and light-hearted teasing, creating an engaging and humorous experience for viewers.

Unexpected Chaos at Hololive


The unexpected and lighthearted nature of the interaction between Shirakami Fubuki, Omaru Polka, and Harusaki Nodoka made for an entertaining and engaging livestream experience.

In conclusion, the unexpected and light-hearted conversations between these VTubers left fans with a smile on their faces. Despite the randomness of the topics discussed, the natural chemistry and playful banter made for an entertaining and engaging viewing experience.

Unexpected Chaos at Hololive